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Lidija - vocal

She loves a life, sunsets ... mountains ... forests, bird`s singing ... the valley of Soca ... winter`s idyll ... her darling sons.

Her heart plays when she takes a picture of a nature ... she sings and dances. With her singing she is spreading the energy of her heart.

Her Moto : It`s nice to have myself and share it with the world.

Polona - vocal, drums

As a child she tortured her violin and flute (along with neighbours) … In her late student years she swapped them for a guitar.

Hundred years ago, or better said in 1996, she founded a band Blutwurst with very good friends Said and Alen and played there until 2006. She was in charge of bass and some lyrics.

Then she took a pause until 2013 when she found a new musical inspiration in Vienna with the band Ain’t No Project.

And in 2014 she finally found a way to play the instrument she initially wanted to play all along – drums in Pretty Serious. ;-)

Maja - vocal, guitar

An unwritten story in the musical history … but not for long, something’s cooking there, people!

Bojan - bass

Better known as a sound technician and organizer of many, many concerts, as a DJ Fidel and head of AGD Gustaf. But he also plays bass in "Return of brotherhood and unity" (Povratak bratstva i jedinstva) band which covers rock (pop) songs from Yugoslavia.

It`s really hard to be the only men in the band ... but Ciko can handle it. He is just the right one.

Lea - on vacation

She was never quiet. When she wasn’t talking you could hear her sing or see her scribble in her notebook. She always wanted to stand onstage and perform. Firstly, she did it in a choir for ten years, then she discovered punk world with her first band Rukola.

Later she picked up the bass and played in all-female band Estrogen. Creating her own music with Pretty Serious is her favourite drug and mission - she wants to give her own example to other women and encourage them to form more female bands in Slovenia.

Pretty Serious - history

The story of how we met resembles a mixture of tragedy and comedy at the same time with a hint of drama … so let’s not talk about it right here and now.

We have, however, frequently visited concerts together and instantly felt the connection between. So when a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist came together, it happened what was bound to happen – a band was born. The goal is clear: to create our own punk’n’roll rush that awakens desire to dance and sing along among everyone who hears it.

After Lea has taken a break, we searched for someone to sing and play bass with us ... we found them ... a new singer Lidija and a new bass player Ciko joined a band. A lot of fun at the rehersales and a little bit of work seems to be a good recipe for a band ..... we love it.

After few concerts as 4 man band we changed to trio ... Maja, Polona & Ciko...with Lea still on vacation ;-)


Pretty Serious concerts

Upcoming events

  • Festival MURA FUCK OFF 2.0

    Muzej Norosti, Trate, Slovenija

    Dr. Zero, Nea, Živi zid, Cosa Nostra, PREETY SERIOUS

    • At 17:00 h
    • ???

Recent events

  • 2018 - Pretty serious rocks Vol.2

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    Pretty serious, Paraziti p.13, SUS

  • 2018 - Pretty serious rocks Vol.1

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    Pretty serious, D'Smokers, Halter Ego in SeralOx

  • 2017 - Skuštrane in bradati

    Mc Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija


  • 2017 - Benefit za Marš

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija


  • 2017 - Punk Rock Koridor

    Mc Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    KLT By Whiteman, Onslow, Pretty Serious

  • 2016 - New year punk concert

    HC klet, Drobtinci, Slovenija

    Clasical good concert with our friends Onslow...

  • 2016 - No border jam

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    First concert with new singer and bass player ... great , super , woooo hoooooo ...

  • 2016 - Rock concert

    Cafe Carina, Vienna, Austria

    Well, because of illness of 1/3 of Pretty serious, we have to cancel our participation on the concert in Cafe Carina.

  • 2016 - Scena festival

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    Once a year the local scene in Maribor comes together for a three-day festival and in 2016 we had a chance to join this train for the first time, too. Actually, we opened the festival as the first band on a new location in our dear Gustaf hall in Pekarna. People welcomed us with warm appreciation and we were glad to be there. Playing in Gustaf always kind of feels like coming home and we do hope to be a part of Festival Scena again.

  • 2016 - Dan Rock žena

    Orto bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

    What can be better than an all-ladies rock concert to pay tribute to the International Women's day? We were pretty and seriously excited when we were invited to play at Dan Rock žena 2016 in Orto Bar, Ljubljana. And it was the perfect evening – the energy from our fellow musicians Halter Ego and Hellcats plus the audience created this magic in the air. It was also the first chance for us to play two new songs live – the self-titled and refugee themed Pretty Serious and the fun ska piece Oh My Gosh (Brownie). Unforgettable!

  • 2015 - 15. Pri`i pa vi`i festival

    Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

    It was a GREAT evening at Prii pa vii festival. We are very proud that we were able to be a part of the 15th anniversary of this great event that holds together the local rock'n'roll scene. Congratulations to all who make this possible and so special and see you next year, hopefully !

  • 2015 - Café Carina

    Vienna, Austria

    It's true, we really had a GREAT time in Vienna !! You rock!

  • 2015 - HC Paradise

    Drobtinci, Slovenija

    Fojtlstok 2015 was the first chance ever to see Pretty Serious Live ... We had fuuuuuuuun !

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